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Connect  to  the Earth from the Comfort of your Home!

The Earth is a bounteous place to dwell.  It provides us with nutrition, water, shelter, and life.  More so, when we connect our skin

and physically touch the Earth–without the interruption of shoes or man made inventions–we are gifted electrons that flow into us.

This is called “grounded”.

Why is grounding important

Every lake, mountain, ocean, and earth surface has a negative electric charge.  Our bodies and the blood and parts therein are positively charged.  When the two connect, as they are meant to be, static electricity is dissipated as well as other electrical charges you picked up from the environment.  You also receive the free flowing electrons gifted from the earth and it synchronizes your body to the natural frequencies of the earth.

Watch the Movie

Learn more about Grounding and how you can be grounded from "The Earthing Movie" featuring Clint Ober and Mariel Hemingway.

Grounding starts Here

Ready to connect with the Earth?

We are happy to help!  We have established a partnership with Earthing to help us all to be grounded.  Click on this link HERE or copy and paste this link below to start your connection with the Earth today.

Link to Earthing:


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