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Ashley Ghattas

Owner & Founder

I am a biomedical engineer who taught in healthcare field for over 20 years. In my off time, I consistently kept up with fun friends skiing, biking, trail running, you name it. I only had one speed. Go fast, go hard, keep up, no whining. It worked well, until it didn’t. I tore ligaments in my thumb and was out of commission for many months. Devastated and not sure how I was going to stay healthy I finally went looking for answers from my friend, Dr. Sally Harris. She listened intently and lovingly handed me a handwritten script. It was for yoga twice a week. My reaction was complete disbelief. My nature was to be way too busy. “Not my speed,” I protested as I handed it back. She smiled, took a deep breath and said she understood. She scribbled again, handed me another prescription and said “yoga 5 times a week” and added that hot was acceptable.

I was floored, she knew me well and knew my perfectionist “I got this” spirit. Her last advice was that I had better find a studio. That was 2014. My RYT 200 was at Sweat studio, and I completed classroom and teaching hours for RYT 300 thru Blue Sky studio in Taos. Yoga changed my perceptions and my life. I quit my engineering job, and focused my energy and passion for yoga teaching. I derive joy from learning and inspiring. I want to empower others and my son and daughter with a positive attitude. I strive to teach from a place of authenticity and personal stories that resonate because after all, we are all connected. I pride myself on seeking training and education opportunities to stay up-to-date. I’m a true yoga nerd - a work in progress. I genuinely want to teach in a studio that is focused on the yoga students. I am a preparer, and I strive to make the complex poses, bends and stretches simpler to understand, perform and follow and gladly answer questions and engage in discussions. All yoga students are welcomed to my studio as they are my friends and extended family!!

Jonathan Hollinger

Co-Founder & technology administrator 



I began my journey into the practice of yoga around 2015 as a supplement to weigh lifting, rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding. I quickly discovered the magical benefits of yoga, and I fell in love with practice and the transformations I began to experience. 

In 2019 I found a link between my technical ability in engineering and entrepreneurialism, and people's desire to continue their yogic practices during the pandemic. I realized that the ancient art of yoga and our digital world had the opportunity to successfully commingle. I discovered immense joy in helping people connect to their practice, through the use of technology, during in a time of despair.  


While I am not a instructor at this point, I am deeply rooted in all facets of Unwind Yoga, and its quest to spread 

happiness, health, and prosperity through light-hearted and whole-hearted community wellness. Namaste

Jo Carter

RYT 500 

Jo's journey into the world of yoga is nothing short of a passionate odyssey. Picture this: Guatemala, where she was training for competitive horse jumping. It was there that a wise jump coach introduced her to yoga, promising enhanced concentration. Little did she know that this practice would unfurl a world of unimaginable beauty. Yoga not only sharpened her focus as she gracefully guided her horse through challenging courses but also enveloped her in a profound sense of peace, a fierce sense of control, and a soul-deep completeness she had yearned for.

For over three decades, Jo has been igniting the flames of transformation in the hearts of her students. Her journey has taken her to distant retreats across the nation, learning from the luminaries of the yoga world. She has diligently honed her expertise through various teacher training programs, earning her place as the guardian of one of New Jersey's most revered RYT-200 yoga training programs.

Jo's life has been a canvas painted with vibrant strokes from Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, and England. Yet, she firmly believes that the most profound adventure is the one you embark upon your own yoga mat.

Join me as we welcome Jo to our vibrant yoga community at Unwind. Here, passion flows like a river, inner peace is a way of life, and your path to completeness awaits. We're not just inviting you to practice; we're inviting you to join a passionate journey. Come, let's blaze a trail of transformation together!

Kaleb Aharon


I'm Kaleb, a seasoned traveler through life's diverse terrains. My journey began in the United States Navy, where I delved into the enigmatic world of cryptology and linguistics from 2009 to 2013.

But then, I swapped my uniform for dancing shoes. From 2014 to 2020, I waltzed my way into the professional ballroom dance scene, dazzling audiences under the banner of the National Dance Council of America.

In May of 2021, I ventured into the serene realm of yoga, embarking on a 200-hour YTT odyssey at Sweat Yoga Studio under the wise guidance of Julie Kelly-Smith & Alison Roberts. Not one to stop, I continued my quest in July 2021, completing Yoga Six International's 200-hour YTT under the watchful eye of Christine Kick.

Yet, my quest for knowledge didn't end there. I immersed myself in the art of trauma-informed yoga and Holistic Healing through Apsara Balanced Health, where I found a guiding light in the form of Dr. Puja Goel.

In February 2022, I became a certified multi-modal wellness guide. Armed with a versatile toolkit, I can now offer you acupressure, Breath dexterity techniques, facilitated Stretch therapy, subtle body cleanliness, mindful meditation, Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique, and even dance/movement therapy to enrich your yoga journey.

Since completing these stages of my training, I've had the privilege to work closely with an array of unique souls, including US Veterans battling PTSD, individuals in recovery programs, the vibrant youth and cherished elderly, survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and those courageously facing Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis.

I'm not just a yoga instructor; I'm your guide to a safe, accessible, inclusive, and harmonious yoga journey. Together, we'll explore dynamic, breath-led, and goal-oriented classes. While yoga's ancient traditions may seem mysterious, I'm here to demystify them, offering a fresh perspective rooted in modern terminology and science-based techniques.

My deepest wish is for you to develop a profound, personal relationship with your mat. So, consider this an invitation to join my "sangha" – a Sanskrit term for our unique yoga community. Together, we'll create a space where you can flourish and grow on your yoga path. Namaste. 🙏


Ashley Ghattas
Jonathan Hollinger
jo carter
Jo Carte
Cascade L
Candice Epp
Aly Jefferson
Candice Epp

Pilates Instructor

My journey into the yoga and fitness world started when I was 28 and walked into a hot Bikram studio on a cold, snowy winter’s day in Edmonton, Alberta. As I waited to start the 90 minute class, one of the more practiced students told me that I would get addicted to hot yoga, and years later, she was right. That first hot yoga class started my journey as a fitness gypsy; I’ve been interested in ALL fitness modalities and take every opportunity to try a new workout or new studio, especially when I travel. I feel like there is something to learn in every class, and as a teacher, I incorporate the exercises and cues from instructors that I admire. I was given my first teaching opportunity in 2019 after completing the Inferno Hot Pilates training in Phoenix. Teaching was something totally new for me, as a full time accountant, I am used to communicating through numbers! I loved the challenge of crafting classes that would motivate my students to grow stronger mentally and physically while having fun and creating community. In the Spring of 2023, I completed a 100 hour hot Pilates teacher training program through the Foundry in Phoenix, which is a National Pilates Certification Program. The training qualified me to write the NPCP mat pilates exam in October and I am waiting for my results to be nationally certified! In November, my husband and I moved to Albuquerque. I immediately started looking for a Pilates home and by divine guidance, coincidence or good luck, I walked into Unwind Yoga. My strength as a teacher is that I encourage my students to keep going through their next breath and their next movement - and kindly remind myself to do the same.

After working in many different fields from Photography to Massage therapy, to cooking for many years. I still found myself at a loss spiritually and professionally. Soon after becoming a single mom, I decided to change the course of my life and return to school to find a spark in passion, and inspiration. What began as a curiosity to solve my chronic backpain, quickly turned into a spiritual journey. Through Yoga I learned to find self-reflection and peace in myself. Learning the necessary tools to become self-aware, patient, kind to oneself, letting go of the unnecessary and embracing all the positivity that is me. Outside of Yoga I am a PT caretaker for my grandmother and work PT in retail. I have many hobbies. I enjoy Photography, Art, Woodworking. You will find me most days hanging out with my little boy and our big dog. I was very invested in a fast paste lifestyle, which brought me joy in spurs of moments, which exhausted me physically and emotionally. Along this journey of self-discovery, I am learning more and more about myself and have found peace in living in each moment and enjoying each breath. I am growing each and every day and learning who it is, I am and can become. I place my faith in my higher self to guide me on this journey. I appreciate this opportunity given to me to embrace all gifts of knowledge.

JEV_7040 57 - Nathaniel
Marci Calabrese



Marci Calabrese 500 hr RYT


Marci has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years.she is certified in Anusara yoga, Ashtanga yoga, The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and Rocket Yoga. She continues to study with her teacher, David Kyle (Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - Puerto Rico). Marci is passionate about facilitating classes where students move with the breath and she challenges each yogi to progress along their individual path. She believes that the joy is in the journey and her classes meet you where you are that day. She believes that obstacles have hidden lessons, and "progess, not perfection" is a great mantra. Marci enjoys assisting students and breaking-down difficult yoga postures making fun and interesting poses accessible for all!

Marci Calcbrese
Kara Rock Blattman


Yoga teacher and Wellness educator.

I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for 20 years. I first came to yoga because I was looking for a movement art that was more than just a physical practice. I needed a better connection to my body and knowing myself. Yoga changed my life and led me on a path of total body, mind, and spiritual wellness. I have studied many yoga styles and I like to bring in the teachings that have affected me the most. My favorite yoga practice and style of teaching is a Vinyasa Flow. It is a moving meditation of body and breath. I like to teach an energetic and healing flow that allows students to feel strong, open and quiet in their physical and mental body. My background is natural healing and mind-body awareness, with a degree of science in Occupational Therapy, Certifications in the Science of Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hatha Yoga, Ayur-Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for a Happy Back and The Rocket. I am a founder of Doterra International in Israel. I have an amazing and supportive husband, Ishmael, and I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, Sofia, Chana, Levi, and Sapir.

Kara Rock Blattman
Bevery Richrdso
Beverly Richardson


Beverly Richardson, a 200hr RYT, has been guiding diverse fitness classes since the early '90s, spanning weightlifting, running, cross-fit, and snow sports. After discovering the benefits of hot yoga post-foot surgery in 2005, she embraced her vinyasa practice. Initially unsure about the Sanskrit script, she found solace and decided to deepen her knowledge. In 2019, Beverly committed to yoga school at Sweat studio. Now, at Unwind Yoga Studio, Beverly aspires to create a nurturing space for students of all levels. Drawing inspiration from various yoga traditions, she incorporates breathwork and mindful movement to foster a harmonious practice. Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, Beverly's sessions are crafted to support personal growth and enhance overall vitality. Beyond physical postures, Beverly's teachings encourage students to find stillness within, connect with their breath, and embrace the present moment. Join her on the mat for a transformative journey of self-discovery, cultivating strength, flexibility, and a profound sense of inner peace. Let's explore the transformative path of yoga together.

image_123650291 (2).JPG
Sasha Carter
Sasha Carter

Desk Goddess

Sasha is your local desk Yogi Goddess and Instructor.  Sasha has been an elementary teacher for 8 years, she’s about to start a new year teaching kindergarten at Altura Prep! She obtained her 200hr yoga teacher training in Mallorca over the summer (2022) where she studied Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. She loves learning about how different postures can benefit the internal organs, detoxify, and re-energize both body and soul, and how they can be modified to fit different people. She struggles to bring yin and restorative practices not just into her yoga but into her everyday life, and with a baby on the way she’s trying to work on this balance. 


When she’s not doing yoga, Sasha loves traveling, exploring, cooking, and finding fun things for her new home. She loves nothing more than to spend time with friends and family, her everyday family consists of her husband, dog and cat. When she’s at the front desk “Goddessing”, feel free to ask her any yoga-related questions! She would love to help you out or hear you out. Or stay off-topic and ask her about what book she’s reading or show she’s watching, she would love to talk those topics with you too! 

sasha nadi shodena.jpg
Danielle Russelle


Embarking on my yoga journey in January 2014 was a pivotal moment, driven by the need to recover from an injury that had disrupted my usual cardio-centric workouts. Intrigued by the calming influence of yoga in my past attempts, I was initially skeptical about its potential to match the intensity of my former fitness routine. However, one transformative class shattered those doubts, revealing that yoga was not only a physical challenge but a gateway to a holistic well-being that surpassed the capabilities of any elliptical machine.

Within a few weeks, the allure of yoga extended far beyond its physical benefits. I fell in love with the serene sensation that enveloped me during each flow, where breath and movement became a harmonious dance. Stress and anxiety gradually melted away, and I discovered a heightened presence in my daily activities. Each practice became a journey of strength and flexibility, marking profound growth with every session.

A month later, I made a bold decision to bid farewell to my gym membership and fully embrace the studio. By the following month, I realized that yoga was not just a new workout routine; it was a transformative lifestyle that nurtured my mental and spiritual well-being. This realization fueled my passion to share the profound impact of yoga with others, leading me to attain my RYT200 certification in June 2016. Eager to deepen my knowledge, I pursued a 500-hour certification with Uptown Yoga in Dallas by July 2022.

As an instructor, my mission is to challenge and inspire students to embrace new possibilities within a lively and supportive environment. The joy I derive from practicing yoga is only surpassed by the fulfillment of sharing it with others. Relocating to Albuquerque with my husband and furry companion in November 2022 opened a new chapter, allowing me to explore local studios and become a part of the vibrant yoga community. Joining the Unwind Yoga team is a thrilling opportunity to extend the gift of yoga to a fresh community of students, and I am excited to contribute to their transformative journeys on and off the mat.

ALCHEMY_MAY2022_thaninphoto_0183 - Danielle Russell.jpg
ALCHEMY_MAY2022_thaninphoto_0331 - Danie
Laura Naaz


Laura, a seasoned yoga instructor with over two decades of expertise, gracefully graces the Unwind studio with her presence. Originating from the vibrant city of New York, she made the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico her home in 2005, where she now resides with her family.

Her journey into the world of yoga began with a comprehensive year-long training program in NYC under the guidance of Alan Finger at the renowned Yoga Zone Studios, now known as ISHTA yoga. Laura's background is steeped in the arts, having retired as a professional ballet dancer after training at the prestigious School of American Ballet in NYC and performing with the Pennsylvania Ballet in Philadelphia. Her dedication extends beyond yoga, as she also delved into Pilates under the tutelage of Carola Trier in NYC, subsequently sharing her expertise in Albuquerque.

Laura's intellectual pursuits are equally impressive, holding a BA in literature from Columbia University. In the professional realm, she has accumulated over 18 years of experience in healthcare operations and strategic staffing.

Now, as an integral part of the Unwind studio community, Laura is excited to impart the transformative and rejuvenating essence of yoga. Her passion for the practice, combined with her rich background, makes her a valuable asset to those seeking not only physical well-being but also a deeper connection to the healing power of yoga.

Ramsey Bond

Life Coach, Grief Coach and Meditation Guide

My passion for yoga ignited in my twenties and has been a guiding light ever since. I've dedicated myself to this ancient practice, weaving a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation into every session.

My expertise comes from extensive training with renowned teachers, including Patricia Thielemann of Forrest Yoga and Albina Rippy. Through immersive experiences and dedication, I have cultivated a deep understanding of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga-inspired classes, and the joy of teaching Kids Yoga.

Yoga, to me, is not merely a physical exercise—it's a profound exploration of the self. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-realization, where the body, mind, and spirit unite in harmony. In my classes, you'll discover more than just flexibility and strength; you'll unearth inspiration, growth, and healing. With a steadfast practice, the rewards are boundless, leading you towards a path of wellness and fulfillment.

Join me on the mat, and let's explore the boundless possibilities of yoga together. Embrace the transformative power of this ancient practice, and let your journey to self-discovery begin. Namaste.

Breeze Sansom


I began practicing yoga in 2009 and received my 200-hr RYT certification from the Sacred Hot Yoga Method in December, 2011. As my practice progressed and my body began to open up, I noticed the same openness in my state-of-mind. I began to see things with more awareness and make different choices that better aligned with my values. Over the years, I've noticed that I'm very sensitive to the feelings and energy of those around me. By tuning into my students, I can cater a class to their needs at that moment. 


Currently, I'm working on completing a 300-hr RYT training with Aligned Yoga. My goal is to infuse my classes with breath-guided movement, inviting ease and softness into the body. I am happiest and most fulfilled when guiding yoga classes and helping others tap into their own light and purpose. It's my intention to make every class accessible for beginners while also offering more advanced options for those yogis who are ready for the next level. 


Before becoming a yogi, I received my Bachelor's degree in Journalism and worked in advertising for over a decade. When not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find me wearing my office manager hat at an optical engineering firm. Above all, I love being a mom to my tiny human and an 80-lb pitbull fur-baby, spending time outdoors, and sharing good food with family and friends. I look forward to practicing with you!


Desk Goddess

Discovering solace and healing through the sacred practice of yoga, Amanda embarked on a transformative journey to reconcile the intricate relationship between mind and body. With unwavering resilience and an open heart, Amanda immersed themselves in the realm of yoga, driven by a quest for restoration and profound understanding.

Enduring the challenges of autoimmune issues and chronic pain, Amanda discovered a haven on the mat, guided by compassionate instructors who illuminated the path to self-discovery and self-healing. Through unwavering dedication, Amanda unearthed a deep connection to their inner self, recognizing a compassionate sanctuary that had long been overlooked.

Motivated by a profound desire to make yoga accessible to marginalized communities, including the disabled, LGBTQIA+, and those grappling with chronic illnesses, Amanda channels their passions into professional development. With each stride forward, the goal is to dismantle barriers and cultivate inclusive spaces where everyone can find solace, strength, and a sense of belonging.

A fortuitous encounter with Ashley led Amanda to become an integral part of the Unwind Yoga community. Embraced by fellow yogis in an atmosphere of acceptance and kindness, Amanda discovered a kinship and support system that significantly enriched their practice. Unwind Yoga, to Amanda, is more than just a studio; it's a sacred sanctuary—a nucleus where their journey of self-discovery and healing resonates with profound purpose.

As Amanda continues to tread the path of yoga and meditation, their commitment remains steadfast in spreading compassion, accessibility, and acceptance through the sacred arts they hold dear. Their journey serves not only as a testament to personal growth but also as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek solace and connection in the transformative power of yoga.

amanda headshot.jpeg



Desk Goddess

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