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Wholehearted   Yoga


inclusive and meaningful. Not stuffy and you wont be ignored.  you may have to receive a hug or two.  


clean space where any size, age or shape can practice.   


We wiggle and wobble without the fear of judgement.  There is not a perfect                                                   person in the bunch. 


We celebrate progress over perfection.  If that's not your thing, don't let the door hit you on the way out. 


authenticity over fake. 


Come if you are all smiles or grumpy pants, you are welcome.  Untangle, unravel, and unwind

Postures & breath  connect us to inside. 


We build physical & emotional strength with a sense of community.  


We don't take ourselves so seriously, It's not rocket science, just yoga.   Even rocket yoga is more yoga than rocket.  

Life changing & powerful, but not so big for our britches  we can't share smile as we enjoy time together. 

When we connect, we all benefit, grow and flourish together.  

We look forward to meeting you at our beautiful new studio. Come discover yourself and step into your power.....  practice with passion and devotion.   Enjoy a  big dose of "HAVE FUN, IT''S JUST YOGA."   

Alignment is Key to staying safe and progressing.   Proper alignment allows the body to move smoother and experiences less injuries. To progress faster, we explain the why.  You cant see behind you, but the instructors can.  We provide hands on adjustments if you choose.   Optimized functional movement is our mission, hiking, playing with children and grandchildren, staying active are the important things in life. Not a handstand.      

The methods of ancient yoga blended with modern science can allow for self healing injuries while invigorating the body from the inside out.  Our holistic approach utilizes proper alignment, hands-on-adjustments, heat, biomechanics, movement, breathwork, diet and strength training.   Your entire body benefits from moving in the direction of health.        

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